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Ladies and Gents,

Tapp has been working on an update to minecraft version 1.8 for the server. Here are some things to note. The update will most likely happen near the beginning of the year. START PLAYING NOW. Players who show presence will be the ones who get the extra fun stuff.

Limited Creative - Broken, removed (breaks builder ranks and creative in overworld)

Creative World - Broken, Player event errors. ( needs removal -- before it is I will go through and WorldEdit out the buildings if requested into schematics to place in the overworld or another world before we remove it.)

NBT Edit - Broken, removed.  Breaks custom mob creation. Working on re-write to pass current version. Else have a backup program.  Current custom spawners still working in Training Ground maps.

Region For Sale - Broken, removed. Breaks trade district (plots can not be purchased.)

Pvp Toggling - Broken, removed. Breaks ability to toggle self pvp on/off.

Let me know if you have any questions or ideas.


*edited by Tappestry 12/22/14... p.s...


HiddenOwner a posted Dec 4, 14  -  maintenance

Well server launched well. Here are some updates we have done so far.

 Heroes - Due to conflicts with MCMMO and EcoCreatures we have disabled Heroes. Honestly we didn't have any classes or anything for it really so it was useless and a resource hog.

Vote For Chunks - The votes for do not appear to be triggering to the server, We are aware of the issue and working to resolve it.

MCMMO - Was/Is part of Build-A-Class

Let us know if you experience any issues. Error messages and screen shots and extremely helpful.

Update Tracker Legend:

Disabled | Enabled | Issue 

Tappestry a Hey, I managed to update the server files to 1.8 (last minecraft version) There are 4 plugins that were not compatible ...


HiddenOwner a posted Dec 3, 14

That's right - The server is online. I have not tested it yet so feel free to get in there any give it a go. Report any problems you face on the forums please. Oh this is the vanilla - Plugin based server. The old Towny one. Make sure you are using a vanilla launcher and minecraft version is 1.7.9


BlueDrew19 I myself will be coming back and telling my friends its back
HiddenOwner a It's up. Make sure you are using the right address and port.
minecraftia10 Is the server online right now because it still says cannot connect to server and im on 1.7.9

Hey All!

HiddenOwner a posted Nov 28, 14

Seems like just about this time every year we do this. This time may be a more permanent situation. I am working with one of my new server admins to get the old 1.7 server up. That's the one that we used to play on with Towny and what not. I am interested it keeping it open for the public, but we need some help moderating, promoting, and with server maintenance. If you want to help feel free to email me and we can talk about it. Anyway Keep looking for it. We have the teamspeak server up as well even though the website says its off its not. I have been in it the last few days while we have been getting things setup so if you want to chat or see how its going feel free to join.


HiddenOwner a Its uploading now. We ran into a couple of snags we had to sort out. Hopefully it will be up today.
Zaez23 Hurry up guys! I've got at least 3 people (Including myself) that want to join in the fun! We miss it!!!
Tappestry a Cool, and if anyone needs help with configuring or using certain plugin/mods I can hop in the TS server and walk people ...

Good Evening MCNexus Community.

I have started the FTB file upload for the new server right now. We should be live in a matter of an hour or two. If you would like to join us please download the FTB launcher from

After you have it downloaded start it up and then click on ModPacks. You are looking for Direwof20 1.0.23 for 1.6.4. Once you select it, click launch on the right side of the launcher. It will download all the files and mods that you need to play the game with us. This is pretty much a new map and as of right now we do not have any banned items in place. Please use caution when using volatile items. People found abusing things that could damage the server will be banned and we will start enforcing a blacklist.

Let me know if you have any questions.


HumbleClay for some reason i cannot connect. I may have to be whitelisted.