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HiddenOwner a posted Apr 2, 15

Sooooo lets talk about why the server is offline.

Lets start out by saying this... The server is safe and sound. We had a breach on our hardware that allowed someone who used to work with us to put a piece of DDOSING software on and send out massive amounts of packets per second across multiple IPS. So what does that mean? Well basically that means someone was very naughty and our data center that houses our physical server got mad and powered it off :-| yeah that happened. So we have taken back ups of everything and are in the process of rebuilding everything. We hope to have it up in the next 24 hours or so, so that way it doesn't impact the special update event this weekend on the nexus. Keep watching for an update and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

If you have questions feel free to message me on the website and I can address them or reply to this post.


Romano_134 I hope the server will restart soon! Good luck! ...

Why the server is offline

Tappestry a posted Mar 29, 15

Update 4/1/15: The admins negotiated with the data center to allow us to turn the server on for enough time to download the back up files of the worlds and plugin data.  I am still discussing what the next steps are in getting the server back online.  I will keep this post updated as I find out more from Hidden and Weirdguy.

Today I went to create a new wiki site for the server (link up in the top menu), a place for guides and information that isn't readily available in the game or on the current site.  Well, while I was doing this I noticed that the server appeared as offline.  

I had immediately contacted the administrators(HiddenOwner and Wierdguy) to investigate why it was offline, why I couldn't log into the files, etc.

What they told me was that the data center had turned the server off because of possible attacks coming from our IP address.  What this means is that it was probably hacked and someone is using it to DDoS other companies, people, or groups.  

Hidden and Wierdguy are currently trying to get it back up and online, and that is about all I know.

I will post and remove this message once they get it normalized. 

I thought I should let everyone know that this will be the last weekend to obtain any Nexus Mirage Crates!

We will be removing them from Lucy in Trade District later next week.  

Each crate had a chance to obtain the following rare items:

  • Dimensionalist Title
  • Ender Trail Effects through the /trails command
  • Dimensional Riff Raff Eggs
  • Enderchests
  • The broken record disc :)
  • AND, Dimensional Theory (aka permanent /tpa and /tpahere)

Since they have been out for over a month already, it is safe to spoil what was tucked away inside the special crate in case you want something from inside them.  This will be your last week to test your luck, they may never come back to the server :)  

See you all next week for a special update!

Nexus Mirage Crate

Tappestry a posted Feb 12, 15  -  Dimensional Rift

Hey Everyone!

There hasn't been much news in the past couple weeks but that is because we have been working on some new additions!  I won't get in to much detail about it but sometime in the next couple months we have a nice surprise :)  As always there has been backside improvements to the plugins and server itself, something we are always monitoring and updating. The boring stuff, ON TO THE FUN STUFF


With Valentines Day ending this weekend, that means it is also time to say good bye to the Lovely Crates!  This will be your last chance to get your Heart Trails and your LoveCrafter Title! Hopefully everyone had enough time and Nanos to pick these up!


Our next update this weekend will introduce the Nexus Mirage Crate.  This random box has a chance to include some special gear as well as something never released before!  I hope your luck is good, or you are loaded with Nanos, because this box has an extremely rare chance at gifting you the fastest ticket to your friends. As always, each surprise box will grant you 1 item from its inventory.  Here is a sneak peak at the contents of the mirage crate:


What is that at spawn?  Oh yeah...we forgot to tell you!  We recently added in a new exploration area right next to the Ship at the Overworld Spawn!  Inside is a lot of fun creations as well as over 30 Treasure Chests to find.  These chests will reload with loot over time, so you can revisit it again later and loot some more!  With the flying contraption being so high is the sky, I hope you have a way to fly!  I've heard that somewhere in the SlimeFun tree is a device that might just help you out :)

Until next time! -vanishes into thin air-

Ktunicorn The treasure chests in the ship are pretty darn awesome! ...

A Lovely Update

Tappestry a posted Jan 28, 15


Thrist is back and updated.  During the recent testing phase for this new addition we noticed that players were dying from the final effects of having 0% hydration.  We don't want to kill players just because they are AFK so we have tweaked the effects that are given when you run out of water.  This should help keep players alive :)


Also, Juicy sacks and the Nexus Supply Crate have left the game.  The Slightly Sticky and Maestro Title are no longer available! In its place and to celebrate the upcoming holiday a new crate has been added to the Trinket Vendor!  Below is a sneak peek at what the inside of the crimson colored box looks like.  Each time you open the crate you have a chance to get 1 of the items inside.  The less of an item, the more rare it is :)  


Finally there has been one more addition to the Trinket Vendor.  Lucy will now sell the elusive Scrolls of Repair.  These scrolls can be used up to 300 Times!  Each time it is used it will fully repair all of your gear you have on you.  Be warned, they do not come cheap! The Aqueous Soul and Icarus wings have been temporarily removed as they are being reworked and updated.