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Nexus Mirage Crate

Tappestry a posted Feb 12, 15  -  Dimensional Rift

Hey Everyone!

There hasn't been much news in the past couple weeks but that is because we have been working on some new additions!  I won't get in to much detail about it but sometime in the next couple months we have a nice surprise :)  As always there has been backside improvements to the plugins and server itself, something we are always monitoring and updating. The boring stuff, ON TO THE FUN STUFF


With Valentines Day ending this weekend, that means it is also time to say good bye to the Lovely Crates!  This will be your last chance to get your Heart Trails and your LoveCrafter Title! Hopefully everyone had enough time and Nanos to pick these up!


Our next update this weekend will introduce the Nexus Mirage Crate.  This random box has a chance to include some special gear as well as something never released before!  I hope your luck is good, or you are loaded with Nanos, because this box has an extremely rare chance at gifting you the fastest ticket to your friends. As always, each surprise box will grant you 1 item from its inventory.  Here is a sneak peak at the contents of the mirage crate:


What is that at spawn?  Oh yeah...we forgot to tell you!  We recently added in a new exploration area right next to the Ship at the Overworld Spawn!  Inside is a lot of fun creations as well as over 30 Treasure Chests to find.  These chests will reload with loot over time, so you can revisit it again later and loot some more!  With the flying contraption being so high is the sky, I hope you have a way to fly!  I've heard that somewhere in the SlimeFun tree is a device that might just help you out :)

Until next time! -vanishes into thin air-

Ktunicorn The treasure chests in the ship are pretty darn awesome! ...

A Lovely Update

Tappestry a posted Jan 28, 15


Thrist is back and updated.  During the recent testing phase for this new addition we noticed that players were dying from the final effects of having 0% hydration.  We don't want to kill players just because they are AFK so we have tweaked the effects that are given when you run out of water.  This should help keep players alive :)


Also, Juicy sacks and the Nexus Supply Crate have left the game.  The Slightly Sticky and Maestro Title are no longer available! In its place and to celebrate the upcoming holiday a new crate has been added to the Trinket Vendor!  Below is a sneak peek at what the inside of the crimson colored box looks like.  Each time you open the crate you have a chance to get 1 of the items inside.  The less of an item, the more rare it is :)  


Finally there has been one more addition to the Trinket Vendor.  Lucy will now sell the elusive Scrolls of Repair.  These scrolls can be used up to 300 Times!  Each time it is used it will fully repair all of your gear you have on you.  Be warned, they do not come cheap! The Aqueous Soul and Icarus wings have been temporarily removed as they are being reworked and updated.

Nano's and Updates

Tappestry a posted Jan 23, 15
Nano Exchange in Trade District
Starting NOW player's will be able to exchange their Chunks at the Nano Exchange located in the Trade District.  The Store will take your Chunks and in return give you back Nanos that can be used to exchange with other new Trade District Shops. You can also exchange Nanos for Chunks!

Shopkeepers are back! 
Player can purchase a Villager Egg from a Trade District shop which they can then in turn use to set up their own Villager shop!  The shop requires a Villager and a nearby chest.  To set one up you need to be holding a Villager Egg and do the following:
1. Right-click the egg in the Air to select which type of shop (player is most common)
2. Right-click the egg on the chest to link the villager to it.
3. Right-click the Village to the ground so it spawns nearby.
Once the Villager is set up, you can hold shift+click the Village to go into the setup.  This is where you can adjust how much you are selling things for.  Just click on the slime to change prices! Players can make up to 10 Villager shops at this time.

For more information on the Villager shops, visit

Nexus Supply Crates
In addition to the new stores in Trade District, players can also purchase a 'Nexus Supply Crate' from the Trinket Vendor (Flame Lucy).  When used, the supply crate will randomly spawn an item for you! There is a lucky chance to get 2 new items!  

Note Trails and the Maestro Title!

Note Trails can be activated after using the item by going into the /trails and then selecting the Music particle effect.  

This Nexus Supply Crate will only be temporarily available and will be changed at a later time to make room for more new items. 

Make sure you get your Note Trail Effects and the cool new Title before its gone!


The next server update will add a lot of fun new items to the /sf guide, including guns, nukes, digital miners, nano suit technology and more!  We are also changing how water bottles stack, so in the near future instead of having your inventory cluttered with single bottles of water, you will now be able to stack them in groups of 10.  

Why stack-able bottles of water?  Because soon, all citizens of the Nexus will suddenly have an epiphany and learn how to drink! 

You might be saying..."Please Tapp, not another nerf that makes the game miserable" 
Rest assured, I have watered it down.

Below are the details on how the mechanic will work:
It will take approximately 10 minutes to become completely dehydrated in a desert
It will take approximately 20 minutes in any other biome
A thirst meter will periodically appear to show your hydration status
Dipping in water will nearly instantly fill your thirst meter
If you are in an area that is raining, the thirst meter will stop depleting
Drinking water bottles, milk or soup will fill your thirst by 30%
Eating melon slices will fill it by 10%
If you over hydrate (+100%) you will gain a small health buff for a short time
If you fall below 1% (completely dry) You will experience slight discomfort, the following:
* 30 seconds of slowness, mining fatigue, hunger and weakness.
The instant you drink, eat melon or jump in water, all status effects are removed.
/thirst will display your current thirst meter.

Opinions and criticism are highly welcomed.  I hope to have the update on to the server within the next day or two.  Feedback is greatly appreciated, I want to make this new mechanic fun, not annoying - so if you find yourself too uncomfortable with the change PLEASE let me know so I can adjust it as needed.

Due to the recent issues we have had with towny we have decided that it was time to replace it. So here are some things to note:

All towns that were active on the server are for now world guard protected. The mayors of those towns have them set as the owners and will be able to claim the land back with the new faction system. That does not mean take your time getting your faction setup. If too much time passes we will remove the protections from it. For now after you have logged in and setup your faction, message me and then I can remove the protections from your land so your residents can build.

All the money that was in the town bank has been refunded to the town mayor. Also the mayor was given an additional 1000 Chunks per plot that was claimed by the town. This is because 1) it cost that much to claim it and 2) it costs that much to claim faction chunks. So we didn't want you all to be forced into shelling out the money that you already spent for land you already own.

Now lets talk a bit about how factions work.

Factions is much like towny, in a sense. It allows you to group up with people, but more as a guild instead of a town. By default all factions kind of hate each other. As such you can declare war on other factions. Tap and I are going to work on implementing a "Peace Token" This will allow your town to enter Peaceful mode, which means you cannot declare war on anyone else and they cannot on you. This will be available to those who want it for a price. For now all existing town/faction converts can opt into being peaceful by contact me, and I will get you in that mode. If your faction is not in peaceful mode you can be killed by other factions on your own property. Something to note though, if someone tries to pvp you on your own property the damage for you is cut in half.

There are a ton of new functions and commands with factions. I recommend you check out a youtube video, or follow the link below to read the player guide by the authors.

Along with factions we have added faction chat.

/fc will toggle through the different chats you have access to.

/fc enemy will allow you to speak with your enemies

I think this is going to be a lot of fun, and bring a new experience to The Nexus. If you have any questions let me know.