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Minecraft 1.7

Tappestry a posted Apr 1, 14
Server is moving back to 1.7 for the next few days :)

minecraftia10 is the nexus ever coming back up?
HumbleClay got my internet back and im sad to see that the server is down
BlueDrew19 Is the server coming back again, or no?

FTB DW20 1.0.17

Tappestry a posted Mar 6, 14
The lastest update from Direwolf20.  When launching FTB you should get a prompt to update to this version.

Here is the changelog:

  • Updated ChickenChunks -
  • Updated CodeChickenCore -
  • Updated EnderStorage -
  • Updated Hats 2.1.2 - 2.1.4
    • Attempts to fix CME crashing
  • Updated Forge Multipart -
  • Updated Not Enough Items -
  • Updated Thaumcraft 4.1.0d - 4.1.0e
    • Fixed
      • Research "clues" not saving between sessions 
  • Updated Thaumic Tinkerer 2.3-98 - 2.3-103
    • Added
      • config for bedrock dimension ore density
      • blacklist for spawning ores in the bedrock dimension
    • Changed
      • Removed ability of staffs to work in the enchanter
      • KAMI research no longer hidden
    • Fixed
      • Withers breaking bedrock
      • Potential compatibility issues
      • AoE pickaxe if bedrock dimension is disabled
      • Bug where conflicting enchantments could be applied in the enchanter
  • Updated Tinkers Mechworks 0.1.3 -
  • Updated Translocators -
  • Updated WAILA 1.5.0 - 1.5.1a
    • Added
      • Config for number of hearts per line, threshold HP value and general module values
      • Goggles of Revealing compatibility with aspects
      • Agriculture compatibility to show crop growth
    • Fixed
      • rendering issues
      • Heart display for entities
      • NBT crash on SSP
      • eye height while morphed
      • Some crops showing the growth twice
  • Updated WR-CBE -

FTB Update DW20 1.0.16

Tappestry a posted Feb 28, 14
Updated the server to DW20 1.0.16
This update brings a small change to the MFFS mod in relation to a GUI/Power display in ticks.

Thats about it!  You will probably need to click yes when asked to update after launching FTB.

Moved to FTB for a bit!

Tappestry a posted Feb 19, 14
Hey guys, 

For the next week or so I thought it would be cool to convert the Map over to a FTB mod pack.  No plugin will be active, only the installed mods on the server.  

In order to play you need to download Feed The Beast [download link

Once you have downloaded the launcher, go ahead and use the Direwolf20 Mod Pack and connect the usual address :

See ya later!

[Below is a list of information you need to connect:]
* download Feed The Beast [download link
* pick the Direwolf20 Mod Pack in the Launcher
* Choose multi-player and new server address >
Tappestry a Any suggestions
Tappestry a I've been working on a social hub area with basic machinery, you will need to get teleported there by an OP, currently m ...
posiden666 Awesome thats my favorite modpack in ftb

Some news and such

Tappestry a posted Feb 4, 14

Recent Updates/New Spawn/Training Grounds

Classes/Magic New Tutorial

How to make Chunks(Money) Tutorial
Announcement of